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Medical Records - Release of Information

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Accessing your medical record

There are a variety of reasons and circumstances that might require that Mercy Medical Group send out a copy of your medical record, such as if you move out of the area and choose a new doctor to provide your care. Mercy Medical Group's Release of Information (ROI) Department can help you with this task. 

Our ROI Department will need your authorization to release your medical information. Click here to download the document you will need to complete and sign in order to have your medical records sent to another entity.


Important information for patients to know
Mercy Medical Group contracts with HealthPort to provide copies of medical records that are to be sent to another physician or for a patient’s personal use. In accordance with the California Health & Safety Code 123110, HealthPort charges patients 25-cents per page, plus postage and tax. Typically, the last two years of a patient’s records are sent to the new physician. To minimize cost, please indicate what time period you are requesting, and/or specify which reports are needed.

HealthPort will send you an invoice directly from their office: HealthPort P.O. Box 1812 Alpharetta, GA 30023-9901; Phone 1-800-367-1500.


For more information on how to submit your signed authorization, please call Mercy Medical Group's Release of Information Department at 916.733.3332.

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